Alternative sports that you can do in Rhodes

Rhodes Island is a Greek archipelago of the Dodecanese and it is located in the east of the Cyclades and the Aegean Sea. Rhodes island is the biggest Dodecanese Island and also among the most famous Greek Island. The island is a great place to go whether you are interested in historical monuments, bars, beaches, or extreme sports. Exploring the island will give you the chance to discover the mind-blowing authenticity of Greece and also see the Colossus of Rhodes. You are also going to find a wide range of small villages and seaside resorts that are scattered all over the island outside the city of Rhodes.

The life in Rhodes is very thrilling and authentic and offers endless blue sea and Old Town that you can explore. There are also a wide range of alternatives activities that you can try out if you want to experience the other side of the island. Some of the best alternative things to do in Rhodes are listed below.

Hiking and running

If you are looking for a way to explore the island on foot, there are lots of thrilling destinations that you can visit which are suitable for running and walking. You can try out some of these routes for hiking or running.

  • Hike the 8km located on the northwest side of Rhodes while you start from the Aquarium to Lalysos Village
  • Explore the Monte Smith hill-road while making a quick stop at the ancient stadium of Rhodes and Temple of Apollo
  • Climb the top of Mt Filerimos. Note: this route is suitable for advanced runners only because it features over 30min of steep uphill.

Go sightseeing at Farma of Rhodes

The island is filled with numerous unexplored forests with dirt paths which are used during emergencies from the fire department. You can rent a buggy or an SUV to explore this route and visit the hidden gems like the Farma of Rhodes. One of the top examples of the route that you can explore is the Mt. Attavyros and the forest that surrounds Siana.

Extreme sports

If you are looking for a thrilling activity to try out in the country, there are numerous clubs where you can test your windsurfing skills. You are going to find these clubs in the western part of the island where you can find great wind and waves. You can also try out a wide range of water sports from parachute flights that is dragged by boats to underwater scuba diving. You will surely find something that will keep you entertained.

Go on a jeep safari south of Rhodes

If you are looking for an adventure activity to try out, you can go on a thrilling jeep safari to the south of Rhodes. On this trip, you are going to discover the hidden gems in the area. On this trip, you will visit the monastery, explore tall mountains, traditional villages, lakes, and so on. Some of the highlights of the trip south of Rhodes are views over the Gadouras Lake, do a honey tasting in Archipoli, visit the fruit gardens of Massari or Malona, taste some local delicacies such as olive oil, souma, sweets, and fruits. You will also visit the Mount Profitis Ilias and also explore the Apollonia where you will see the Greek mezes. You are also going see scenic views of the Attavyros which is the tallest mountain of Rhodes. You can also wander away from the normal roads and visit the Gadouras Dam where you will enjoy stunning views of the lake.

Go on a Jeep safari north of Rhodes

You can also explore the northern part of the island through a jeep safari. On this tour, you will enjoy mind-blowing landscapes and scenic attractions to visit. The northern jeep safari will take you on a 1.5-hour drive while enjoying stunning views over the Butterfly Valley. You are going to taste sweet local honey in Archipoli and enjoy flavorful products like souma, fruits, olive oil, and sweets. Some of the best places to visit are the village of Embonia and Kritinia, Mount Profitis Illias, Apollonia, and Theologos village, Kritinia’s Castle, and so on.

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